You are in another marriage

you are in another marriage, and trying to please your x-th wife. she appears to be forging an alliance with you, against the mother of your own children, but probably just carving out her own territory. (and it’s real cute that you folks have the luxury of surfing the internet together.)

as it turns out that step-mom-wife – that terribly smug and horribly condescending attitude — yucko, as kids would say. get out from under her thumb, and make your own children the number ONE priority in your life. sure, if you get another job that means less loving attention for her — but your own children are slipping away from you.

Do something, soldier. your woman will eventually unmask you, not as some pagan sword warrior, but as a poser who just whined about the legal system while his economic impotence and inaction was at fault.

your children will not forgive you if you next start whining about how your righteous yucko x-th wife turned against you while you did nothing substantial for them.

oh, well, both of you, have a great time scuba diving. (yeah, while the oxygen lasts.)

Just remember – your own children!