More regarding UTMA

More regarding UTMA:

‘To set up a custodianship, all you need to do is name a custodian and the property you’re leaving to a young person. You can do this in your will or living trust, or when you name a beneficiary for an insurance policy, if you’re leaving life insurance proceeds to your kids. For example, your will might state, “I leave $10,000 to Michael Stein, as custodian for Ashley Farben under the Illinois Uniform Transfers to Minors Act.” That would be enough to create the custodianship if it’s ever needed.’

But also note:

‘A second approach is to establish a trust for each child. With this arrangement, you use your will or living trust to name a trustee (usually a trusted relative or friend), who will handle money or property the child inherits until the child reaches the age you specify. If the beneficiary is already over this age at your death, the trust never comes into being; the property goes straight to the beneficiary.’

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