Going to Jail

Hello everyone. First time poster here. I have been battling the custody/support issues since 1987. It has been an emotional rollercoaster as I’m sure everyone in this club is aware of. Everyone has their own story and I won’t bore you with mine. But I will tell you I have been in court against my ex 33 times.

Again, without going into details as to how I got into this predicament, I now have a warrant out for my arrest for non payment of child support. My question is what can I do to prevent me from going to jail? Can the ex have the warrant removed if we worked out something between ourselves? What is the statute of limitations concerning support?

If the child turns 18 and I still owe, do the arrears go to the child or the ex? For that matter, if the child is 18, can’t the child drop the support since the mother only filed on the child’s behalf? I know I should get an attorney, but I can’t afford one. The last one I went to wanted a $2,000 retainer before she would do anything and then she still said I was going to do 6 months regardless.Any advice would be greatly appreciated.