Getting money

Have a big yard sale. When we had our worst problems in 1995 the cross country phone bill came to $1,800 alone- you don’t want to know what the lawyer’s fees were.

We sold all of our toys- the snowmobile, aluminum canoe. We took out a loan against our car that was already paid off. We took a cash advance on the VISA. We sold the downstairs furniture. We got $500 for the chain link fence around our backyard- we took it down.

We had a 3 month old baby so lots of extra work hours were difficult but we just did what we had to do. We are just now recovering financially 5 plus years after the fact. We never made any late payments or anything but things were TIGHT. I remember sharing a Happy Meal with my daughter- I’d bring milk for her and I’d get the drink and buy an extra cheeseburger. That was our weekly treat. I went 3 years without seeing a movie in a theater. Just do it and deal with the cost- it is worth it.