What’s wrong?

Awww……what’s wrong? Did I hit a nerve?

Yep, I’m happily married – to a dad battling with a custodial alcoholic ex….why am I here? To read and learn and share knowledge…..why are you here?

Since you’re the only one who has come across as “offended and demeaned” – oh well, such is life.

What I’ve learned here is that a great many of the fathers battling for their children are doing so to the best of their ability – just as we did….to both the best of our financial and emotional ability. Another difference, though, is our children are a great deal older than most here on the board.

I don’t condemn males at all…..and being happily married isn’t a crime….unless you’re jealous that you haven’t that bliss, of course, then I suppose in your mock courtroom, it would be a violation of some form or another….but never fear, eventually perhaps you, too, will learn it’s possible to get past the anger you’re suppressing and see that not all in the world are out to get you.

I know that not all our laws are fair to not all the populace, but they are necessary. To suggest their overthrow in your ranting style does show just a tad bit of instability, but that too, you might outgrow in time.

I care very much for families and support two; my own previous children are productive members of society and grown; and the 3 step-children I inherited in my new happy marriage. I’m working on gathering them together some nifty Christmas gifts as we speak.

Think about it a moment – if you’re not capable of managing your own life without anger, how can you manage the lives of young people?

As well as raising – successfully – my own two children, I’ve fostered about 6 that I’ve watched go through growing pains and problems and mature and enjoy what life can offer them, not bemoan what they “deserve” that the universe has chosen not to give them.

Interesting you’ve read my profile….too bad it doesn’t nearly say it all…..enjoy the therapy…it’s free, after all. 🙂