Who in your world said that your world was fair?

Is it fair to the kids that are born that their parents can’t get along and divorce because of it? Is it fair that they listen to the screaming and yelling – or that they are forced to listen from one or both parents that the other is a louse, or worse….tell them what’s fair.

Solutions are no more simple than the problems that require them – I feel for the children caught in the middle.

Unity is a wonderful thing…support for one another when your emotions are torn apart is also a good thing…..anarchy because of your anger that your relationship failed is quite another.

Yes, parental sharing and equity should be a given….but guess what…lots of things in life aren’t fair….and once again, the children suffer for it.

I don’t know any magical way to make custodial and non-custodial parents “build a bridge and get over it” when a relationship ends…..I wish there was an easy answer.