Indeed I would feel insulted

How insulting! Indeed I would feel insulted, if I did not see that you have a passion for offending all whom are fair minded, and Reasonable. Your profile quote says something to the effect that you believe no one has “any choice in the matter. “It also shows you are happily married, or something to that effect, and so it makes me wonder what in Hell’s name you think you are doing here?

You are offensive and demeaning in all your replies to our members; and I would suggest you leave us, and go back to that evil women’s club you mentioned in one of your posts. That club which condemns men is where you belong. You are no friend to our good cause and we true PATRIOTS!!! Not hardly.

YOU are the sort of woman who give other women a bad name! It is ridiculous to suggest we stop having children; and to suggest I need therapy tells me you are both arrogant and ignorant at the same time. How dare you offend those of us who truly care about children and families, and are here trying to do something to change those Laws which are unfair!

Go away from us, and leave us alone.